Calendula Officinalis Martini-us Deliciousness


I’ve been experimenting with my edible flowers in our garden.  So far they’ve been regularly a part of our salads and an occasional garnish for cream based pastas, but tonight I thought my martini needed a little summer flare.  My standard martini mixture is as follows:

99% vodka (we use Kettle One)

1% vermouth (Dolin is the best)

equals 100% deliciousness

Pour the above into a shaker full of ice and shake gently so as not to break up too much ice and dilute the beverage.  Stream into your favorite vessel and add a sprinkle of edible flowers such as calendula/marigold, johny jump-ups, pyrethrum, bachelor buttons, lavender, lawn daisy, roses and pansies to name a few.  Many of the flowers are said to have medicinal properties so, in a way, a martini is a health drink.  Cheers to that.

 A terrific resource for herbs and flowers 

3 thoughts on “Calendula Officinalis Martini-us Deliciousness

  1. Ha! Beneath those innocent petals lies a pernicious mixture. The first few sips slip down faultlessly. Icy cold and clean with a nice bite of quality vodka. After a second glass your legs will disregard the most simple navigation instructions. A third glass will lead to numbness of lips and tongue and an interesting speech impediment. And in the morning you will be sorry..

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