Graduation Day…

Cockadoodle Hallelujah!

It’s Graduation Day here on Pole’ Pole’ Farm.  After much desensitization therapy, chicken peer pressure, food lures and finally a swift kick in the butt (kidding), Captain has made his way outside conquering is agoraphobia!  Cockadoodle Doo indeed!!

Not only has Captain strutted his stuff outside, he is now rubbing feathers with Lady in an attempt to make more obnoxious little Captains.  With his new found skills in the pleasure department as well as becoming the king of his domain, you can imagine his feeling of self importance.  Being an urban girl in my previous life, I truly thought roosters crowed at sunrise to greet the day and then crowed at sunset to wish everyone goodnight – how romantic, right.  Sadly not the case in the real world of roosterdom.  Captain crows often throughout the day.  It’s really quite annoying.  And if you remember his doodle is Happy Birrrrrrrthdayyyyy.  I can’t even bare hearing Happy Birthday more than once in a restaurant let alone all day long.  I may have plans for Captain Jack Sparrow that may include spices….

cockadoodle this!

Seriously, we are proud of little Jack and look forward to seeing if he and Lady manage to raise any chicks of their own.  We’ll keep ya posted.  Until then…Happy Birrrrrthdayyyyyyy

3 thoughts on “Graduation Day…

  1. Captain Jack would be proud to be spiced up on that cool bbq rack I see in photo 🙂 I enjoyed the reminder he gave of being on a farm. But I only had to hear it for 3 days!! I am looking forward to some chicken recipes on mixed soup. Maybe, if recited in the barn yard, Captain will shape up (or shut up)!!!

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