About Us

This blog is about eating, cooking and adventuring – a ‘mixed soup’ of posts.  We are based out of the Pacific Northwest living on a small island, on a small farm, in a small old farm house.

These are our neighbors…

Being new to the area our eating, cooking and adventuring have really just begun.  Any insights, recommendations or suggestions are welcome!

We have traveled to many places eating and cooking as we go.  More adventures are up and coming so we hope you journey with us and get a taste of what our world has to offer.



check out: http://www.offexploring/trudging  too!

Me and Ruby


Steve and Ruby

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. off to the soda fountain to work, but i finally got a chance to find your blog! cheers! this is alot of fun, its an amazing blog. Hope your adventures are wonderful! think about us back here at this small little island ha ha

  2. Hi! I actually stumbled upon your blog while searching for more information on Gastronomicom – I was looking to go in January. Would you be able to give me your opinion of it? My email is emarine@kent.edu. Thanks! (Great blog btw, I am following)

  3. I found this Blog while serving web searching some information about french cooking.
    Such a nice and fun blog you have made here, I enjoy reading it very much.

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