Week One of Edinburgh New Town Cooking School

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Or ENTCS for those in the know ūüėČ . Week One in a word: blissful-chaos. Ok, that’s two words, but I used a little hyphen so we’re good. ¬†A quick rundown of the techniques and dishes we were responsible for this last week:

Knife skills (cutting perfect veggies)

Basic egg preparations

Basic pastry types

Basic chocolate

Creme Anglaise

Poached pears

Creme caramel (yum!)

Mayonnaise (by hand – dread, dread, dread)

Vichyssoise and other soups

Chocolate profiteroles

& Quiche Lorraine!

My guess is that most students only managed¬†laundry and sleep over the weekend, but I could be wrong. ¬†There are some beautiful places to visit here and currently lovely weather so hopefully there were some adventures had as well. ¬†I pretty much kept to my neighborhood (New Town). ¬†I, of course visited ‘my wine guy’ at my local wine shop and schmoozed¬†him with my leftover profiteroles. ¬†I’m hoping to get the nod to some wine tastings and other grape related activities. Then I was unsuccessful with my shoe shopping – I wound up in some high-end crazy expensive designer shoe place looking for a Converse retro and was surrounded by Italian twee, the least expensive being¬†¬£180 !! Then off to lunch at Brown’s. ¬†I like their atmosphere in general and today they had live piano which was very nice. ¬†I tried a cocktail there on the name alone: You Rang M’Lord. It was pretty good; it had Tanqueray, Lychee liqueur, lemon juice and Elderflower cordial. ¬†I would have preferred half the lychee and twice the gin. ¬†I thought of my sister JoAnne and toasted to her, as she digs the elderflower something fierce.

Next week we have a heap of new techniques and recipes to explore. ¬†I hope to see everyone back in the kitchen and keep a 0 dropout rate. ¬†Next week I’ll include a recipe or two that I think is great and very reproducible at home. ¬†Until then…