planes, trains & automobiles

So, I’m off to another cooking school!  It seems to be habit forming.  This school is located in Edinburgh, Scotland and like the others I’ve attended, offers courses of various lengths.  I’ll be checking out the 3 month program as well as taking short courses at a Chocolate school nearby.  Both programs should be pretty fantastic.  I’ve never been to Scotland, and with the elections coming up the whole experience will be very interesting.

I’m currently in an airport lounge….where drinking martinis at 4pm is apparently an epidemic.  I’d love to partake in this widely accepted craze, but I think if I did, I’d likely miss my plane (on the floor, lickin’ lint).  I better stick with my tea and water – what a whimp, what have I become.

Once I get settled in my closet size studio tomorrow, I plan to hit the streets and take some photos of my new surroundings.  Until then…. stay hungry.


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