Oui! Gastronomicom!


It’s our 3rd week here at Gastronomicom in southern France, and I think we’re finally getting a handle on the overall operations.  Upon arrival a student takes a French test to determine their fluency and then placed in a group according to their ability.  The range is basically from butcher to almost fluent; I fall into the former.  Students have 3 hours of French sometime in the day and then usually 3 hours of either Cuisine (savory cooking) or Pastry (breads and sweets), or Sommelier (wine appreciation and drinking heavily).

Although, some people have opted out of French and taken up another course that they originally were not signed up for.   My new friends Trudy and Kyle have done just that, where Trudy was originally in pastry and now has added cuisine after dropping French, and her husband who was just in cuisine has now also added pastry….so now they’re a mad cooking duo, making delicious meals with beautiful dessert to boot!   I see a potential weight problem forming there, so I’ll stick with my original plan of cuisine and French.

It’s been a challenge for most for various reasons.  First there are the language difficulties.  Not only do most of us not know French, but also most are ESL (English as a Second Language)….including the instructors, who are teaching in English. Some of the countries represented are: Zimbabwe, Australia, Estonia, Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia, India, England and Greece!  So essentially everyone’s mother tongue is one that is never being spoken throughout the day, while we bumble through both English and French hoping to get our messages across.  One of the more ironic situations is there is a French born student here and he can’t understand the cuisine chef during our 3 hour lesson because the chef is teaching in English (sort of) and the French student doesn’t speak any English….because  he’s French, in France, at a French school cooking French food.

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18 thoughts on “Oui! Gastronomicom!

  1. Hello there 😀 Ermm….I am so happy to find your web site. I have been looking for some comments on Gastronomicom as I would like to attend it next year. Can I talk with you personally via email so I can ask you how is school and everything? Thanks in advance 😀

      • Hi,

        I am also looking to attend the same course, could you please contact me my email add: nebitaa@gmail.com
        I am a bit reluctant to start the application process as the institute is not affiliated to any university or french embassy. Your experience and advise would be really helpful for me. Thanks

  2. Hello! I’m from Brazil and just like Nuch there, I’m thinking about attending it next year…It would be great if we could talk via email. Could you reach me as well? Thanks a lot!

  3. So glad I found your blog on this school which I’m planning a sabbatical for May 2014 for 4-wks Pastry and Sommelier; I’m also a beginner x 2 in French; taken it once and once again. Please email me as the others who inquired about this school. Thank you so much!

  4. Hello there! I am also interested in this culinary school. Can you please send me your review? It is so hard to find any review data on the internet. Sorry for buzzing you as other curios people, but sincerely you are my only hope for an objective overview of these place.

    Thanks in advance!


      • Thanks a lot for your prompt reply but I have some more questions if you’re kind: Is this course suitable for professionals? Are the kitchen conditions at high standards? Did you enjoyed it!? I’m a professional cook so can this programme be an added value for my career!?

        Best of luck,


      • Hi Alex,

        I would say that the course is suited for budding professionals….not all professionals are alike, right? Anyhow, the pictures should give you some idea if the cuisine is below or above your level. The kitchen condition is at a realistic working environment standard. If you want special equipment outside what is required to develop the given recipes then you will have to bring it with you. I had a fantastic time and didn’t want to leave – the Chef (Sam) is great; if you know French that is even better. I would highly recommend taking the 3 month internship after the 3 months (or more) cuisine course. You will have a excellent time! Cheers, Christina

  5. Hi Christina!
    Seems to be a popular trend to stumble across your adorable blog while trying to find reviews about the Gastronomicom! school and its programs! As many before me, I would love to hear about your experience with the program and any/all of the stories you would be willing to share!! I would love to hear all that you have to say about the entire experience!!

    I look forward to hearing from you and reading more fun and witty stories on your blog! Thank you kindly!

    Hannah Scott

    • Hi! What would you like to know about the cooking school? Personally it was a good match for me and I had a great time. The instructors and structure of the programs were professional and interesting. I would highly recommend the school if you’re looking for a career in the industry!

  6. Hi! Could you please get in touch – I’m keen for a career change but can’t find much information or reviews on Gastronomicom. Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi! What would you like to know about the cooking school? Personally it was a good match for me and I had a great time. The instructors and structure of the programs were professional and interesting. I would highly recommend the school if you’re looking for a career in the industry!

  7. here we are 2017 and it’s still bloody hard to find a review of Gastronomicom but your comments re butchering French and heavy drinking have won me over and I’ve shot off an enquiry

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