Lunch with Madeleine

After a nervous night of extreme winds and showers with a similar forecast, we expected a white knuckled flight into Lake Union.  The cheerful yellow dehavilland beaver arrived in sunshine and delivered us on the lake without fanfare or sic sacks filled.  An even more unexpected delight was having lunch with Madeleine Albright – yes, really.  Well, not really really.  She did dine at our next door table and I’m certain I saw her give Steve a quick wink.  After stuffing our bellies with steak and veggies, we bid Madeleine ado (very surreptitiously) and sacked out in our hotel room.  Steve thought it was rude that people interrupted Madeleine’s lunch and asked for her autograph or just introduced themselves as if they were cozy neighbors.  Where Steve comes from, Africa, it just wouldn’t be proper!

After our much needed nap, we indulged in a couple of facials and pedicures, or in our case maybe more like a visit to the farrier.  We dashed back to the hotel in time to freshen just before making it to our Morton’s Steak House reservation…..yes, yet more meat.  Don’t think I’ll eat meat for a good 24 hours at least.

Our push me – pull me vomitous ride in the taxi has landed us mostly in one piece at sea/tac where we are killing serious time until our jog to Frankfurt – then finally on to Paris!



Until then…..

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