WANTED: Chicken Therapist

It's a Big World Out There...

 This is Captain Jack Sparrow…one of 2 chicks that miraculously survived our original 42 bird delivery some months back- a long and rather sad story.  Isn’t he a beauty!?  He’s starting to act like a grown-up rooster, strutting and ruffling his hackles BUT that’s were the tough-guy stuff ends.

We have 15 acres for Captain Jack to strut his stuff on; he could have been kiiiiiinnng of aaaaalllllll  Pole’ Pole’ faaaaaaarrrrrrrrmmmmmm (echo, echo).  I say could have been cuz he aint.  When we tried luring Captain out of the coop with feed, he mysteriously spooked himself into hysteria and is now, get this, agoraphobic!!  Even Captain’s girlfriend Lady enjoys the cool breezes and freshly cut grasses that are here in abundance, saying to Jack, “come check out the delightful dirt pile over here!”  No amount of persuasion has worked.  It’s been weeks and no sign of improvement, in fact just the opposite has happened…..not only is Jack agoraphobic he may suffer from a mild case of Tourette syndrome.  His repetitive cockadoodle directly translates to Happy BIRTHdayyyyyyyy!!!  Over and over and over and over again…very loudly.  Tempting to demote Jack from Captain to common seaman and toss him in the pot.  This would be a lot cheaper than bringing in a chicken therapist!  

Our recent tact has been good ol’ fashion peer pressure.  We have introduced several new chicks into the coop and come tomorrow we will open the coop doors.  With any luck, the new group of 15 chicks will show Jack that the world doesn’t have to be a big scary place and worms are a wonderfully delicious food group (kinda like foie gras).  Until then, cross fingers.  We’ll report back!

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