The Desolate and Dreary Valley of the Lazy Bones

I’ll blame the weather…it can’t really fight back.  It feels like my last post was months ago, and those of you who diarize or blog know the feeling of finding yourself in the Valley of the Lazy Bones (aka. writers block).  I have lots of excuses for allowing myself  to lull in this valley, none of which seem to have much meat.

I have been cooking and experimenting, but have been remiss in wiping out the camera to take images.  Ironically I just purchased a new camera body and I’m really excited about it.  The image below is Steve testing out the auto focus as I walk briskly in our dull light and frumpy weather.

We’ve just been shooting fungi and mushrooms on the property, so I’m looking forward to going through those shots to see if my recent purchase was justified.  Of course camouflage may not be necessary to sneak up on flora, but it is the warmest jacket I own.

We have plenty to shoot and talk about, I just have to get out of my little rut.  So, I’ve blogged; albeit not the most interesting of posts, but darn it, here it is!  Whew!  Ps. this little guy was way too small for a frog leg recipe, but I will get back in the kitchen and include some recipe and images of some tasty dish soon.  Until then …

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